Diagnostic Sales Consultants is proud to launch its very own
Specialty Surgery Anti-Infective Program

-    Our multi-faceted program is tested to significantly decrease the incidence of post-surgical infections.

-    FDA approved in a pre-operative wash

-    All surgical people are identified through our proprietary data extraction and identification software. At-home shipments are timed precisely according to patient surgery schedule.

surgical site infection

-    Our partner liaisons will communicate directly having a clinical worker (the surgery scheduler) to make sure a seamless risk management planwithout hassle and totally free of errors.

-    Diagnostic Sales Consultants provides a 100% patient enrollment guarantee. No patient will likely be left behind, leveling out consistent care in general.

-    A dedicated group of patient care specialists will consult, educate and monitor each patient, before and after surgery.

-    Minimal out-of-pocket expense for patients. Discounts and tax assistance available.

-    Reports will be made available to all providers regarding patient compliance.

-    Additionally, our infection protocol has additionally been tried and tested as good at helping the epidermal cell renewal process (scar reduction) inside the recovery process.


Did you Know���..
The direct economic costs of an SSI are considerable, usually being approximately twice the amount of in-patient costs for the patient without an SSI"
The estimated cost per Surgical Site Infection (SSI) vary from $11,000 - $35,000
Estimated price tag of SSIs in the usa varies from $3 billion - $10 billion annually

An advanced physician�s clinic, hospital or sales rep interested in this system, please contact Diagnostic Sales Consultants today with an easy enrollment consultation.
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